Upcoming Training

Start Date End Date Title Cordinator
01-May-23 04-May-23 Atm Nirbhar Mission in Agriculture & Allied Sector Dr. Madhuri Wankhede
01-May-23 04-May-23 Office Management (Executive) Mr Avinash Chandra
08-May-23 11-May-23 Agro Forestry for increasing farmers income Mr R S Solanki
08-May-23 11-May-23 Management of major polyphagous insect pests Mr S R Thakur
08-May-23 11-May-23 Integrated Farming System Rajni Disoriya
15-May-23 18-May-23 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for quality control and legal aspects Mr S B Malviya
17-May-23 19-May-23 Integrated Nutrient Management Mr H P Bharti
17-May-23 19-May-23 Leadership Development Mrs Sandhya Nagrale
30-May-23 31-May-23 Refresher Training For Kharif Crop Techniques Mr Avinash Chandra