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1. Ravine Reclamation

2. INM in rain fed agriculture

3. Soil Testing and Nutritional Recommendation

4. ICT in Agriculture Extension

5. Gender Sensitization & gender budgeting

6. Conservation Agriculture Technology

7. Farm planning & Budgeting

8. Oriental On Flagship and other key programmes for Agricultural Development
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The SIAET cover of all the stake holders in agricultural development including public private sector organizations, voluntary organizations, farmers organization and groups, private extension consultants, agri-business organizations and cooperatives apart from State M.P."

Upcoming Training

Start Date Title Cordinator
03-Oct-18 Ravine Reclamation Mr. Hirendra Omkar
03-Oct-18 INM in rain fed agriculture Mr. U.S.Jadon
09-Oct-18 ICT in Agriculture Extension Mr. M.P Tiwari
09-Oct-18 Gender Sensitization & gender budgeting Mr. M.R Ahirwar
25-Oct-18 Conservation Agriculture Technology Mr. Hirendra Omkar
25-Oct-18 Farm planning & Budgeting Mr. S.C.S Tomar
25-Oct-18 Oriental On Flagship for Agricultural Development Mr. U.S.Jadon